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Three Wealth Building Tips

Review ~ Review ~ Review

We’d love to guarantee things will always go up.  But that’s not the real world.

Things change.  Economic growth.  Recession.  War.  Tax.  Inflation. And so on.  It’s unpredictable.  

No matter what happens, the same economic wind blows on us all.  What’s relevant is how you respond. 

Do nothing, and you’ll drift.  Review your money at regular intervals and you’ll improve your chance of success by a mile!

You wouldn’t invest in a property, leave it untouched for 30 years and expect it to be in the same condition.  You have to maintain it.  The same goes for your pension.


Our programme of reviews

We don't charge fees for any of the following:

Regular in-depth manager and fund review: Results posted online. And emailed to you.

Six monthly detailed paper statement posted to you: Sets out your current holdings.

Thorough annual review: Checks your Risk Score. Checks the risk level of your money. Rebalances your money to your Risk Score as necessary.

24/7: View your money online.