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Where to invest

With four main assets, it could be easier than you think

Cash: Bank and Money Market deposits.  It’s pretty secure. Your money can’t fall in value.  Interest is paid but usually at a low rate. Inflation often reduces its real value.

Fixed Interest: Government and Business loans.  Interest is paid. Usually at a higher rate than Cash. The value of your money can vary.

Property: Commercial property.  Rent is received. Your money could grow as property values rise. But values can fall. You may have to wait for your money whilst properties are sold.

Equity: Stocks and shares.  Dividends may be paid. Your money grows as companies prosper. Or it falls if they don’t. Equities can produce the biggest gains. Or losses!

The value of your investments and any income generated from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested.






No (value can vary)

Fixed Interest


No (value can vary)



Yes (and falls)



Yes (and falls)