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Simplify your investments

If you hold Unit Trusts and ISAs, read on

There’s no advantage in dealing with many different providers, if you could get exactly the same benefit by dealing with just one. 

Re-registration will achieve this for you. It’s simply allows you to see your money in one place.

You retain all your existing funds exactly as at present. But they’ll be administered centrally, rather than by each of the individual managers. You’ll receive one consolidated half yearly statement, instead of a range of statements from different managers throughout the year.

Here are the benefits of re-registration:

  • A simple and convenient process of bringing all your investments together – at no additional cost
  • Your investment portfolio will be held together in one central place
  • Half yearly consolidated statements showing all your investments, and your pensions if they’re with the supermarket too
  • One consolidated tax voucher sent each year for non-ISA income and dividends
  • Up to date valuation on all your money with ease
  • Switch to any of the funds in the supermarket, without paying the supermarket a fee
  • Ability to invest in any tax wrapper (eg ISA, Bond, Pension)

The charges apportioned to investments which are re-registered may be higher in some instances on a ‘like for like’ basis than investments which are not re-registered.  And investments which are re-registered can be difficult to move away from the existing provider and then re-register elsewhere.

Re-registration is simple. In most cases, you just need to complete one form.

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