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What our clients say about us

I wanted to take action on my pension for better investment returns. I've had good advice throughout.
John Hitchman

I was concerned by the poor performance of my existing manager. The best part was actually making the decision to transfer my money.
Jocelyn Bolton

I decided to review my pension as part of an overview of all my financial affairs. The quality of information provided was excellent. It was all explained fully and comprehensively.
Graeme Jenner

I felt my funds were not rising enough. Now I understand about pensions and how they work, I'm sure they'll be worth more in the future.
Roger Titze

The qualify of information provided was very good and helpful.
Peter Trendall

The best part was everything was explained so I can understand. I wasn't pressurised into making decisions. I have yet to find a negative point.
Lee Tedman

The adviser's explanation was excellent. 10 out of 10. I could not have had a more informed and patient adviser.
Andrew Webb

The quality of information was very good. Regular phone calls and emails keeping me up to date at each stage was nice.
Martin Robinson

The Pension eBook really helped me - it explained the advantage of spreading the fund.
Barry Stevens

I found the Pension Report very personal and broken down into understandable sections. The adviser explained the process very well.
Hannah Courtney

I now feel sufficiently informed about my pension. I wish to thank everyone at Kingswood Law for their help and advice.
David Hunt

I decided to review my pension because it was not performing adequately and to my expectations. The best part is having someone to sort out something I was completely at sea with.
Sydney Eckworth

The best part was the explanation and assistance received. I feel much more informed about my pension now. I've already referred friends to Kingswood Law.
Marco Taviani

The adviser explained everything very well. The easiest part was completing the forms. All we had to do was check the information, then sign by the yellow stickies.
Joe and Karen Norris

I decided to take advantage of the service so I could keep up to date with the best options for investing my pension money. I'm very pleased it's now in place.
Patricia Darling

The Pension Report I received was very well researched. The application forms were easy to fill in. I feel I was sufficiently informed throughout.
Chris Powell